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Our Story

The team at Greenhouse Asian Salads are incredibly focused when it comes to supplying high quality healthy meals and beverages, which serve to provide customers with nutrition, and make them feel good about themselves after consumption.

The concept was created in order to promote the notion of leading healthy & active lifestyles within our communities.

Asian Green House Salads

Our Leaders

The founders behind Greenhouse Asian Salads, Josef Huber and Lanna Wannawong, are passionate about promoting and living a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Healthy living is a way of life for the pair, and they couldn’t be more passionate about it if they tried!

The key to their success is visible through their extraordinary customer relations, as well as growing popularity throughout Sydney. This comes as no surprise, due to the high quality produce and happy atmosphere they’ve created in store. The pair have worked tirelessly to create a brand that relects their vision, as well as a business model that is straightforward and effective.



About Josef
Josef is a chef for over 28 years and worked previously in Germany, England, New Zealand and finally in Australia for Giovanni Pilu between 2005 and 2009 at his two-hatted restaurant at Freshwater beach before opening his own restaurant, Kirribilli Woodfire Kitchen, at Kirribilli 2009. He also owns Seachange at Dee Why Beach. However, his real passion lies in clean and healthy eating. That’s why Lanna and Josef decided in 2016 to open “Greenhouse Asian Salads” in Lane Cove.



About Lanna
Lanna grew up in a little Thai town called Chiang Rai, she was 12 when her cooking teacher told her about the special gift she has. A very fine taste and a high sense for lavours and their combination. This was when her passion for food was entirely ignited. Since then, she watched and learned wherever she could, especially at the markets and restaurants.
In 2004, Lanna moved to Australia and studied cookery on a professional level. She started working for Josef in 2009. That was when she cooked these yummy healthy salads in her spare time for the staff which quickly became popular with everyone including the management and the fussy chefs. That’s when we decided to share it with the public and opened ‘Greenhouse Asian Salads’ in Lane Cove 2016.

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